Broadband tips

This page has tips on how to make the most of your broadband connection during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Make sure you have the right broadband package for your home

  • Check you're on the best available fibre broadband package within your budget, with your internet service provider
  • If you're out of contract, shop around for the best deals on Ofcom's impartial website
  • Check to see if you service providers has removed your data usage cap (some providers have done this through a government deal)

Tips on staying connected

 Ofcom's website has tips of staying connected during COVID-19.

Tips include:

  • use your landline or wifi calls if you can
  • move your router clear of other devices, and keep it switched on
  • lower the demands on your connection
  • try wired rather than wireless connections
  • plug your router directly into your main phone socket
  • test the speed on your broadband line
  • tackle interference on your phone line
  • get advice from your broadband provider's website

Reducing bandwidth

  • Download films in standard definition (SD) rather than high definition (HD).
  • Try to do download overnight, when demand is low.
  • If you’re making video calls, turning the video off and using audio only will need much less of your bandwidth.

Optimise your computer or laptop performance:

  • run fewer programmes at the same time
  • install only good quality apps
  • disable apps running unnecessarily in the background
  • uninstall non-essential apps
  • reclaim hard drive space and delete unnecessary files
  • check your computer for malware regularly
  • install the latest updates for your operating platform

Mobile broadband – getting the best coverage

Read Ofcom's tips on improving indoor coverage and reception

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