Community Collect Scheme

The Community Collect Scheme is where you can collect COVID-19 self-test kits to carry out at home.

These are tests for people who do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 -  if you have symptoms, you must book a test or call 119, and self-isolate until you get your test result.


This scheme is available to all households. 

You must be over the age of 18 to collect the tests.

Where can I collect tests from?

One adult from your household can collect tests from the following locations and times - there's no need to book, but you must follow social distancing requirements:



Opening times:

Uppingham Library



12.30pm to 5pm

Ketton Library



12.30pm to 5pm

Ryhall Library



12.30pm to 5pm

Oakham Library

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

10am to 1pm

Unit 18a Oakham Enterprise Park –Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS)

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Monday: 8am to 1.30pm

Wednesday: 8am to 1.30pm

Friday: 8am to 12pm

There's no need to book, but you must follow social distancing rulesFind a collection centre on the NHS Test and Vaccination Site Finder

How many tests can I collect?

Each household can collect two boxes of 7 tests, twice weekly. 

Availability depends on stock levels and will be at the discretion of the collection point assistant.

You must not attend a collection site if:


What happens with my results?

Individuals will be able to record the result of their test using the NHS website or through the 119 call centre.

Individuals will be required to register their details online and give consent for NHS Test and Trace to process their data and contact them with their results.

What if I test positive?

Individuals who report a positive lateral flow self-test will be directed to undertake a confirmatory PCR test by either ordering one online or by booking to attend a regional or local test site.

How is my information handled?

You can find out how your information is used on

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