Guidance and support for businesses

Government and NHS webinars on working safely

A number of webinars have been produced by Government and the NHS on working safely during COVID, covering a wide range of sectors..

Speak to a business advisor

If you need to talk to someone about your business and support available including events and webinars please contact Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub

You can register for an account on the contact section of the website

National guidance and legislation

View Government guidance 

Businesses helping businesses

We have a Facebook page, where local businesses can find free support on offer to other local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re able to offer any free support to other businesses, tag @rutlandbusiness in a Facebook post with information about the support you're offering, and we will share it.

Your Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

LEPs are business led partnerships between local authorities and local private sector businesses. There are 38 across England.

We are linked to Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

LEPs play a central role in:

  • deciding local economic priorities
  • activities to drive economic growth and job creation
  • improving infrastructure
  • raising local workforce skills

LEP boards are led by a business chair, with board members who are local leaders of industry (including small or medium sized enterprises), educational institutions and the public sector.

Visit the websites for more information:



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