Private water supplies

The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009 apply to any one who owns or uses a private water supply serving two or more dwellings or a commercial property where the water is intended for human consumption.

The regulations also apply to private distribution networks (where water is supplied by a water undertaker or licensed supplier and is then further distributed by a third party).

The regulations now mean that we are required to carry out risk assessments and testing on the above private water supplies to ensure they meet the prescribed criteria for wholesomeness. If a sample indicates that the supply is not wholesome or presents a potential danger to human health, we must carry out an investigation to determine the cause and have a range of enforcement options available to ensure a safe and wholesome supply is restored.

If you have any concerns or queries please contact Environmental Health on or telephone 01572 722 577


The regulations are designed to be cost neutral, i.e. to be delivered at no cost to us as a council. For this purpose the regulations state the maximum fees that can be charged for the various aspects of private water supply work.

The current fees are listed here

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