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Food poisoning and infectious diseases

We are committed to the investigation and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases and food poisoning. Our food safety team carry out the investigation and control of infectious diseases and food poisoning cases. We are notified by Public Health England, GPs, Laboratories, the public, businesses and other Local Authorities.

When a case or outbreak of Food Poisoning or an infectious disease is notified we liaise with Public Health England to investigate how and where the infection occurred by contacting each patient.

Advice is given on how to prevent the infection from spreading or reoccurring. In some cases this may involve taking action against an unsatisfactory food premise.

If a person with symptoms is a food handler or health care/ nursery worker who has direct contact with high risk groups they cannot return to work until they are symptom free for 48 hours. They must also inform their employer of their symptoms.

Parents or guardians of children under five years or children or adults unable to implement good standards of personal hygiene are advised to keep them away from school or other establishments until they have been symptom- free for 48 hours.

There are many potential sources of infectious diseases as well as food. Illness can also be caused by contact with:

  • Animals
  • Contaminated water
  • Occupational exposure
  • Contact with other people carrying the disease
 If you have any concerns or queries please contact Environmental Health on environmentalhealth@rutland.gov.uk or telephone 01572 722 577

More information can be found from the Infectious Diseases document library

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