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Information for Practitioners

There are changes to the way our early help services are running at the moment, because of COVID-19. These changes include: assessments being completed virtually,  socially distanced face to face meetings, some services only being available over the phone or email and some of our staff needing to wear PPE (personal protective equipment)

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) aims to provide a standardised process for a holistic assessment of children's and young people’s strengths and needs; taking account of the roles of parents, carers and environmental factors on their development.

The EHA is the assessment that can be used by all practitioners in all agencies in Rutland who identify that a child or young person may have additional needs. This includes universal services, such as schools and health visitors which come into day to day contact with children, young people and families. Taking a Whole Family approach, practitioners working with adults should also be alert to the implications of family difficulties (such as mental health, domestic abuse and substance misuse) that can place children and young people at significant risk of poor outcomes.

If you think that a child, young person and/or their family may benefit from some additional support or want some more information about process or Early Help services in general feel free to contact the Early Help team on 01572 722 577 extension 8407 or email us on our secure email EarlyHelp@rutland.gov.uk

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Was this information helpful?