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Information for Children and their families

The Early Help is a process that practitioners (school teachers, school nurses, youth workers, etc) use to get to know you and your family and decide how best they can help you and your family to reach your full potential. 

The Early Help process is consent based, which means that the practitioners will need your permission to start the process.

If you required more information about how Early Help services could help you and your family, feel free to approach any practitioner that you feel comfortable talking to, it can be your school teacher, a youth worker, staff at the Children's Centre, etc or email us at EarlyHelp@rutland.gov.uk

Information for Parents and Carers

You may be approached by a practitioner suggesting to complete an Early Help Assessment to support your children and your family.

You can also request one if you feel your family may benefit from additional support and you can do that by contacting a practitioner working with your family (health visitor, school, etc) or alternatively contact an Early Help Coordinator by email us at EarlyHelp@rutland.gov.uk or phone 01572 772 577 ext 8493. please ask for the Early Help team.

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