Aiming High

Aiming High

The Aiming High team at Rutland County Council have managed children/young people with disabilities and their families in Rutland since 2010.

We are committed to supporting families in many ways, including improving access to short breaks, providing support networks, improving access to childcare, working with other organisations to improve services, increasing parent participation and developing appropriate services for the future.

Short Breaks

Short breaks provide opportunities for disabled children to spend time away from their primary carers and provide parents/carers with a valuable break away from their responsibilities to re-charge their batteries. A short break ranges from an hour at an activity to a weekend away.

Read Rutland's Short Break Service Statement

The Short Breaks Scheme aims to meet the individual needs and interests of children and young people who require additional support to either access or engage in leisure activities (also referred to as "short breaks").

The Short Breaks Scheme offers families choice which means that children and young people, together with their parents or carers can creatively think about how they want to spend their leisure time and choose what works best for them. Whilst we provide options through the Short Breaks Scheme, you will also be expected to contribute towards the overall costs of providing short breaks for your children.

For more detailed information about the scheme or to confirm eligibility and availability, click on Aiming High Short Breaks Scheme 

Aiming High Register

We manage the Aiming High Database which helps us to gather information about children and young people with additional needs and provide relevant information to families. Please be aware that the database:

  • Is a confidential computer record
  • Is voluntary
  • Is used to help plan and monitor services for disabled children and young people or those with special needs
  • Young people’s information remains in the Register until they’re 25 years old
  • Personal information is never shared or made public

If you choose to join the database, we will send you the Aiming High Newsletter with detailing short breaks, updates and other support available.

If you wish to register on the Aiming High Database please complete the following registration form Aiming High Database Registration Form  or contact The Aiming High Team directly on 01572 722 577 or

If you don’t wish to register but you are interested on information about our offer, please visit the Rutland Information Service.

Support groups:

We work closely with Rutland Rotaract Family Support Centre ( and Rutland Parent Carer Voice ( who are local groups who also provide support and services to families with disabled children, feel free to email them directly for more information. 

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