Your personal adviser (PA)

Your personal adviser (PA) will take over from your social worker when you are 18.

We will provide you with a PA until you are 21, but you can carry on getting support and advice from a PA until your 25th birthday if you need it.

Your PA will help you prepare for living independently and support you as you leave care. They will also help you overcome any difficulties you face.  

They may support you after you leave care, depending on your circumstances.

PAs are also responsible for helping you create a pathway plan that is relevant to your circumstances and, most importantly, supporting you to achieve the goals you set out.  

They are very creative - they may be able to help you:

  • go to appointments (it is best to arrange this well in advance if you can)
  • co-ordinate your support from other services
  • help you achieve your ambitions in education, training or employment
  • manage your money and claim any grants / benefits you may be entitled to
  • by being a shoulder to cry on if you are struggling
  • with your setting up home allowance - to make sure you have everything for your home
  • review your pathway plan
  • get accommodation that meets your needs
  • attend meetings
  • take part in leisure and social activities
  • make your voice heard
  • make changes for other children and young people
  • with your family and social relationships


Your PA will contact you at least every two months and see you regularly.  

You will decide how this contact happens as part of your pathway plan and can be more often if that is what you’d like.

Every time you have contact with your PA, you will make the arrangements for next time you will see each other.

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Was this information helpful?
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