Your pathway plan

Your pathway plan sets out the things you want to achieve when you leave care.

Your plan will:

  • include your needs, views and future goals
  • identify the support you’ll receive from us
  • set out who will help you in your journey

You will create your own plan (with support from your social worker) by the time you’re 16 years and 3 months old.

To make sure the plan still meets your needs, you and your social worker will review it every six months until you reach 18 years old.

When you are 18, you and your personal adviser will have a good look at the plan to check it still makes sense for what you want to achieve and will review it together every six months.

Support if you’re an unaccompanied asylum seeker

We will make sure you have the support you need, and that it is recorded in your pathway plan, including:

  • access to learning English
  • support with helping you to get legal advice
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Was this information helpful?
Was this information helpful?