Leaving Care

There are changes to the way our children's social care services are running at the moment, because of COVID-19. These changes include: assessments being completed virtually,  socially distanced face to face meetings, some services only being available over the phone or email and some of our staff needing to wear PPE (personal protective equipment)

When a young person in foster care turns 18 they become entirely responsible for themselves.

Our Fostering, Adoption and Care Leaver Team provides support and guidance to help care leavers prepare for adulthood and independent living.

They  provide information, guidance and support on services that can be accessed locally, as well as the area where care leavers choose to live. This includes:

  • Education Training or Employment
  • Accommodation
  • Personal Advisor
  • Finance
  • Participate in Society
  • Good Health
  • Good Mental Health
  • Independence
  • Build positive relationship
  • Prepare for Adulthood

If you'd like information about the services available to you as a care leaver, please contact our Fostering, Adoption and Care Leaver Team on: 01572 720 942. They'll make sure you're able to talk to someone who can help with your query.

Offer to Care Leavers

Our Local Offer explains our commitment to care leavers and what help and support they can expect from us, when they need it.

Rutland Local Offer to Care Leavers

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