Adoption is a lifelong commitment. It’s about providing a permanent family for a child or children in care who cannot, for whatever reason, return home.    

When you adopt a child, you take on all the responsibilities and rights for the child that the birth parent had. This stability and security of family life makes adoption such a positive option for children.

Adoption services in Rutland are provided by Leicestershire County Council.

Interested in adoption

If you can provide a permanent stable and caring home, we welcome your interest. The legal minimum age to adopt is 21 years and life experience is essential.

All sorts of people can make a success of adoption. It doesn’t matter whether you are married, cohabiting, single, gay or straight. Your race, religion, culture or sexuality will be accepted.

You will need patience, humour, time and energy and a determination to give a young person the sort of support that will really make a difference to their life.

For more information about adopting, visit the Leicestershire County Council adoption website.

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Was this information helpful?