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Fostering and Adoption

There are changes to the way our children's social care services are running at the moment, because of COVID-19. These changes include: assessments being completed virtually,  socially distanced face to face meetings, some services only being available over the phone or email and some of our staff needing to wear PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • About FosteringFostering is a way to provide a safe, secure and caring family environment for children who can't live at home.
  • Who can be a foster carerFoster carers can come from all backgrounds and walks of life. You don't need to have a certain income or live in a big house.
  • Types of foster careThere are a lot of reasons why families aren't able to look after their children and lots of different types of foster care.
  • Fostering support and paymentsWe offer professional training, along with practical, emotional and financial support to help our foster carers develop.
  • Steps to become a foster carerIt takes around 6-9 months to become a foster carer and it all starts with a call or email to our Rutland Foster Care team.
  • Enquire about fosteringIf you'd like to know more about fostering then we'd love to hear from you and don't expect any kind of commitment straight away.
  • Join our Fostering Panel Join our Fostering Panel Help foster children find a supportive, caring home in Rutland
  • Private FosteringIf you have agreed to look after someone's child you may be in a private fostering arrangement and need to tell us.
  • AdoptionAdoption is a lifelong commitment to provide a permanent family for a child or children in care.