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Report a concern - adults

There are changes to the way our adult social care services are running at the moment, because of COVID-19. These changes include: assessments being completed virtually,  socially distanced face to face meetings, some services only being available over the phone or email and some of our staff needing to wear PPE (personal protective equipment)

It is everyone's business to report abuse. If you're concerned about the safety and welfare of an adult in Rutland you should contact our Adult Social Care, Prevention and Safeguarding Team straight away by calling 01572 758 341 or completing the form below.

Report a concern for an adult

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Concerned for an adult form

More advice and information is available from the Leicestershire & Rutland Local Safeguarding Adults Board and Safeguarding Adults: Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures

What if the abuse is a crime?

If the abuse is also a crime, such as assault, racial harassment, rape or theft, you should contact the police. If the police are involved we will work with them and with you to support you. If you are worried about contacting the police you can always contact Social Services to talk things over first. If immediate action is needed the Emergency Services should be contacted by dialling 999. 

What happens next?

If abuse is reported to Social Services, a member of staff will come and talk to the person as quickly as possible. If there is immediate danger we will aim to visit you or the person about whom you are concerned straight away. If there is a significant risk of harm we will aim to visit within 24 hours. 

For other reports of abuse we will normally visit within 5 working days. The person dealing with the report will work with the person who is being abused to help them make any decisions. 

They will provide help and support in taking action to try to end the abuse and enable them to ensure it does not happen again. 

You may want someone to contact us on your behalf and to nominate someone to speak and act for you. We will not normally do anything or share information with other people without the permission of the person who is being abused. The only exception to this is in situations where others may be at risk of abuse if that person is not able to make decisions for themselves because of mental disability.