Carers Passport

What is a Carers Passport?

The Carers Passport is a free ID card for carers, that will be recognised across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  It is available to those who provide help to a family member, friend or neighbour who cannot manage on their own.

It has been created to help carers be more easily recognised, to allow them to access the support and services they need. 

The passport is available either as wallet sized card, or as a download to a smartphone.

Carers Passports are designed to: 

  • recognise the support carers provide.
  • raise awareness of caring. 
  • be conversation starters and ease recognition in a variety of situations. 
  • enable carers to access support or services offered to those in a caring role.

How will a Carers Passport help?

Businesses, emergency services and shops across Rutland and Leicestershire are aware of the Carers Passport. 

Although the list is endless, the card should:

  • enable carers to access supermarkets and shops in the vulnerable time slots.
  • allow carers to collect necessities such as medicines more easily.
  • identify carers to rescue services in the event of an emergency.
  • prompt organisations to register passport holders as carers.

Can parent carers have a Carers Passport?

We are working in partnership with Rutland Parent Carer Voice to make sure parent carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities have proof of their caring responsibilities. Rutland Parent Carer Voice are the distributor for the carer passports to parent carers who have children who are under 18 years old In Rutland.

Carers passports for parent carers are:

  • designed to help recognise the support you provide
  • raise awareness of the caring responsibilities that parents have for their children with SEND
  • to start conversations with other parent carers or practitioners.
  • to help you to prove that you are a parent carer.
  • to help you to access advice and support.

How do I get a Carers Passport?

Carers who are registered at Support for Carers will receive the passport in the post.

If you are new to caring, or are not yet registered with Support for Carers, please contact the carers team at Rutland County Council on

Telephone: 01572 722577

Parent carers with a child under 18 can apply for a Carers Passport by contacting Rutland Parent Carer Voice directly.


Rutland County Council recognise that young adults can access adult services at 18, therefore their carers qualify for help and support from our adult carers team. If your young person is over 18 you must apply to the carers service for a passport.


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