Family Succession Order

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Second or subsequent burial

If a request is made for approval to re-open an existing Grave to allow a second or subsequent burial, we are required to confirm that that the person to be buried has the permission of the Grave Owner.  Grave ownership is sometimes difficult to establish, particularly if there are competing interests from different family members.

Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial

The relationship with the Grave owner, or the content of a valid will, may help to clarify the issue.  Failing that the order of family precedence will follow the order of succession within the rules of intestacy.

Order of Succession

1 Surviving lawful husband or wife or civil partner of the Original Grant Owner

2 Children of the Original Grant Owner

3 Grandchildren of the Original Grant Owner

4 Father and mother of the Original Grant Owner

5 Grandparents of the Original Grant Owner

6 Other persons with an interest in the estate of the Original Grant Owner

(NB – Step-children do not come into the order of succession)

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Was this information helpful?