Cemetery Noticeboard

Cemetery Memorial Stability Inspection

For reasons of safety, and inline with RCC policy, memorials in this cemetery are to be inspected and tested for stability.  Each memorial is carefully assessed by a visual and simple hand test to check for movement.

Memorials in a dangerous, unsafe condition may be laid flat on top of the grave space.  Graves may also be cordoned off or warning signs may be erected.  Do not tamper with memorials so treated.

Seasonal Memorabilia

Seasonal memorabilia which are not integral to the Memorial are permitted and must be placed at the head end within the integral space of the plot.  Materials used to secure wreaths shall be of natural materials or they should be secured to the headstone to prevent them blowing away.  Any objects such as metal pins / hooks are prohibited and will be removed without notice.

Disposal of spent seasonal memorabilia is principally the responsibility of the Owner(s) of the Exclusive Right of Burial; after a maximum period of 2 months the Cemeteries Service will remove and dispose of spent memorabilia as part of routine maintenance works.


No dogs, except registered assistance dogs are allowed to enter the cemetery grounds

Cemetery Contact Details

Cemeteries Office

Rutland County Council


Rutland LE15 6HP


Tel: 01572 722577

Email: burials@rutland.gov.uk



For Cemeteries enquiries, please contact the Cemeteries Office by email; or on the telephone number above.  The Cemeteries Office will be open for business as per the times published on the Cemeteries website.  The Cemeteries Office is not open on Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday.  Public Bank Holidays or any other day when the Council main offices are closed.

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