Enforcement agents

The law allows us to use enforcement agents (bailiffs) to collect unpaid Council Tax.

Once a debt is passed to an enforcement agent, we cannot make arrangements for payment of the debt with you. 

The enforcement agent will handle the case and collect the payment. They can also take and sell your goods to pay your debt.  

The enforcement agent will contact you and charge extra costs, which are set by law.

If your account is passed to an enforcement agent, you'll be asked to pay a £75 compliance fee.  

If the full debt (plus the £75 fee) have not been paid within 21 days, a £235 enforcement fee will also be due. 

If a controlled goods agreement is signed and goods must be taken to pay the debt, a further £110 will be charged, plus any other expenses incurred through their sale (for example auctioneer or storage fees).

If the enforcement agent can't collect the debt, your case will be returned to us for further enforcement action.

Avoid enforcement action

To avoid your account being passed to the enforcement agent and extra costs being added to your account, contact the agent's recovery team and arrange to pay.

We currently use two enforcement agencies to collect outstanding Council Tax payments:

For more information about enforcement agents, your rights and how to complain visit gov.uk/your-rights-bailiffs
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