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Third party consent information

Can someone else discuss my Council Tax account?

As a general rule we are unable to discuss an account with anyone other than the account holder, however, we realise that there are certain times when people need some help dealing with their council tax account. This may be through a money advice service, a friend or relative, or, in the case of a landlord, a letting agent. 

In order for us to share details of someone else’s council tax account we need to have consent from the account holder confirming that we can do so.

A Third Party Consent form must be completed by the account holder with details of who we are allowed to talk to.  Once we have a completed form we will update our records and act in accordance with the account holder’s wishes. 

In order to withdraw or amend a consent the account holder must inform us in writing.

If you hold a Power of Attorney for someone’s financial affairs, please send us a copy of the paperwork and we will be able to use this as permission to discuss the account with you.

Download Third Party consent form

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