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Other council bills

As well as collecting Council Tax and Business Rates, we also collect other invoices and charges.

These invoices are issued for the cost of goods and services we provide or for repayment of an amount you were not entitled to, such as overpaid housing benefit. Examples of where we raise an invoice include: 

  • Residential care home fees
  • Home care fees
  • Garden waste collection (Green bin) 
  • Additional garden waste collection
  • Hire of sites or facilities
  • Commercial rents and office space
  • Licence fees
  • Market rent
  • Planning inspection charges
  • Transport

See our online payments pages for how to pay these bills.

If you have difficulty paying your invoice on time please contact us on 01572 722 577 as we may be able to help. You should also contact us straight away if you dispute the invoice you have received.

If you fail to pay your invoice on time we will send you a reminder notice. If you fail to pay the outstanding balance we may take court action against you or release collection of the debt to an external debt collection agency.

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Was this information helpful?
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