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People with disabilities

If someone in your home has a disability and needs space for their wheelchair or an extra room to meet their needs, your Council Tax bill may be reduced.

If you are entitled to a reduction then your home will be treated as if it were in lower Council Tax band. For a property in band C a disability reduction would mean the property would be treated as if it were in band B. Even if your property is in the lowest band (band A) you will still be entitled to a reduction.

Download our Disability Reduction form to apply

When looking at your application we will need to be satisfied that there's a disabled adult or child who needs either:

  • Space for a wheelchair to be used inside the home
  • A room, other than a kitchen or bathroom, which is mostly used to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • An additional kitchen or bathroom
  • That the space or room is essential or of major importance to the well being of the disabled resident because of his or her disability

Confirmation letter or certificate

It will help us to consider your application if you can supply a note from a doctor or other qualified professional (such as a therapist or social worker) confirming the disabled resident needs the extra space or room as stated.

If it's not easy for you to get this confirmation please don't delay your application if you believe you are eligible for a reduction. However, we may ask for this evidence to support your application at a later date.

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Was this information helpful?