Disabled band reduction scheme

If you, or someone who lives with you, needs an extra room due to a disability you may be entitled to a reduced council tax bill.

Some homes may qualify for a Council Tax reduction under the disability reduction scheme if it is the main home of children or adults with substantial and permanent disabilities. In order to qualify, the home must have at least one of the following features:

  • an additional bathroom or kitchen in the property which is needed by the disabled person

  • a room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) needed by and mainly used by the disabled person

  • enough space in the property for the disabled person to use a wheelchair indoors

The extra room does not have to have been specially built and can be an existing room, but it must be of major importance to the wellbeing of the person with the disability and extra or additional to what a person would ordinarily need.

Qualifying for the Disabled Band  Reduction

If you qualify for the disability reduction scheme, your Council Tax bill will be reduced by one band. For example, if your home has been valued as being in band C, then under the scheme you will pay the same as someone in band B. If your home is in band A, the lowest band, then the reduction will be calculated as one ninth of the band D Council Tax.

We will contact you when we receive your application. We may need to visit your property to decide whether you qualify for a reduction.

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