Council Tax discounts

Single person discount

If you’re the only person aged 18 or over that lives in your home, you can claim a 25% single person discount on your Council Tax. 

This discount is awarded on your main home - not on second or empty homes.

If you're claiming a discount because someone has moved out (leaving you as the only adult), you'll need to tell us their new address on your application form, if you know it. This will help us check your claim. 

If someone has left your home for a short period of time or intends to return in the future, you're not entitled to a discount.

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Disregarded adults

You may be entitled to a discount if an adult living in your home falls into a category which means they are disregarded (ignored) for Council Tax purposes,

Some examples of disregarded adults:

  • full time students
  • those aged under 20 in full time education
  • residents in nursing homes
  • apprentices

Read the full list of disregarded adult categories (page seven).

Disregard discount levels:

  • if all adults are disregarded, there is a 50% discount
  • if all but one of the adults is disregarded, there is a 25% discount
  • if there are two or more adults who are not disregarded, there is no discount

If you're awarded the discount, it will stay on your account until there is a change to your circumstances which would make you no longer entitled to the discount.

You must tell us about any changes within 21 days of the change.

For example, when your child reaches 18 years old.

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Severely mentally impaired adults discount

If you live with an adult who has a severe mental impairment, you may be entitled to a reduction in your Council Tax.

Examples of a severe mental impairment include:

  • Alzheimer's
  • Parkinson's disease
  • severe learning difficulties
  • brain injury

Severe mental impairment may be progressive, and many people (or their carers) may not realise they're entitled to a discount.

To qualify, a person must be medically certified as having a condition that affects their intelligence and social functioning that appears to be permanent, and be entitled to (but not necessarily receiving) at least one of a number of qualifying benefits.

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