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Council Tax bands, Town and Parish charges

There are eight Council Tax valuation bands. Your band and the amount of Council Tax you pay depend on the value of your property: the more expensive the property, the higher the band and the bigger the charge.

The Valuation Office has given every property a valuation band between A and H according to its value. Current market values may not be the best guide to the band your home is in.

 Find your Council Tax band   

If you are thinking about buying a home please remember  the band may be increased following the sale if the previous owner has improved the property.

Council Tax bands and market values are based on a calculation taken by the government in 1991:       

 Band Property Value April 1st 1991     
 A  Under £40,000
 B  £40,001 to £52,000
 C  £52,001 to £68,000
 D  £68,001 to £88,000
 E  £88,001 to £120,000
 F  £120,001 to £160,000
 G  £160,001 to £320,000
 H  More than £320,000
Council Tax Bands

Council Tax Banding Appeal

You can appeal against your Council Tax valuation band if:

  • The value of your home has gone up because of building works
  • The value of your home has gone down because of a demolition or any other physical change to the property's location
  • Part of the property starts or stops being used for business

You can also appeal within six month of:

  • Moving home or having to pay Council Tax for the first time at your address
  • A change is made to the band by the Listing Officer

Any appeals regarding your Council Tax valuation band should be made to the Valuation Office Agency.

You must pay your Council Tax based on the current valuation band until the Listing Officer decides whether or not to change the band of the property.

Council Tax charges

The County Council has set a Band D Council Tax for 2020/21 of £2,074.40

This is made up of:

The amount paid to us has increased by 3.99% for 2020/21 and comprises £1,620.50 for general expenditure plus £152.71 exclusively for adult social care.

Additional amounts have been set for areas where a Town or a Parish precept applies. 

See details of Total Council Tax including Parish Charges

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