Renewal of Vows

Your Renewal Ceremony

A ceremony officer will work with you to prepare everything for this special day and will draft the first script. You will have the opportunity to amend this to suit your needs and wishes.

A typical Order of Ceremony includes: 

  • Music 
  • Welcome and Introduction     
  • Absent guests/remembrance of a loved one     
  • Reading/poem
  • Reflections of your original ceremony day  
  • The opportunity to mention any children of the marriage or grandchildren
  • Reading/poem  
  • Renewal of vows and promises
  • Rededication of original rings or exchange of new rings
  • Hopes for your future
  • Final reading/poem
  • Closing of the ceremony
  • Music 
  • Signing of the souvenir certificate and photo opportunity  
  • Music  

The ceremony officer will arrive at your chosen venue approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin. The ceremony itself usually lasts about 25-30 minutes, depending on the options you wish to include.

On completion of the ceremony, a complimentary souvenir certificate is signed by yourselves, the witnesses and the ceremony officer.

Your renewal of vows ceremony certificate cannot be used as proof of identification. Neither is the ceremony legally binding on those who take part in it.

Renewal of vows ceremony fees

Day of the week

Catmose Cottage

Other venue




Monday to Thursday






Sunday/Bank Holiday






These fees cover all administration before and on the day of your ceremony, the attendance of the ceremony officer at the ceremony and a souvenir certificate.

Additional fees charged by alternative venues are your responsibility.

Catmose Cottage bookings require a £55 deposit and Other Venues require a £60 deposit in order to secure the booking. The deposit is deducted from the total fee and the balance is due no later than four weeks before the ceremony.

To discuss arrangements and availability, call 01572 728 370 or email us

If you wish to have a religious ceremony or blessing, please contact your local church or religious community.