Legal requirements for marriage or civil partnership

If you are getting married or forming a civil partnership in The Register Office, Catmose Cottage, a Licensed Venue or in any registered religious building other than a Church of England you must both ‘Give Notice’ of your intention to marry.   

Both of you must “Give Notice” in person, to the Superintendent Registrar of the district (or districts) in which you live. 

The minimum period of residence prior to giving notice is seven clear days.  

Giving Notice costs £35 each. 

Notice can be given once you are within a year of the marriage/partnership but must be given at least 28 clear days before the ceremony.    

As long as no legal objections are received, after 28 clear days following Notice the ceremony can take place.

If you live in Rutland please call the Rutland Register Office on 01572 758370 or email us at:

Please note: If one or both parties to the marriage or partnership is subject to immigration control, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can explain the procedures relating to these circumstances. 

If you are getting married in a Church of England you should contact the Vicar, who will then call Banns.

Documents required for marriage or civil partnership

When giving notice you will need to produce proof of the following:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Nationality

Passports are ideal but if you do not have a current valid passport the Superintendent Registrar will advise you of other documents to bring when you make your appointment.

You will also need to provide proof of residency from one of the following documents:

  • UK Photo driving Licence (registered at current address)
  • Utility Bill (dated within last 3 months)
  • Bank Statement (dated within last 1 month)
  • This year’s Council Tax Bill
  • Current Mortgage Statement
  • Current Residential Tenancy Agreement

If you have been married before you will have to provide proof that you are free to marry:

  • Previous marriage ended by divorce: you will need to show a decree absolute of divorce showing the court’s original stamp

  • If you are a widow/widower: you will need to show an original certified copy of your husband’s/wife’s death certificate

If you have changed your name by Deed Poll, the appropriate document will need to be seen.

If either of you is under 18, we will need proof that your parent(s) or guardians consent to the marriage. 

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Was this information helpful?
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