Book a marriage or civil partnership ceremony

Ceremony types

We offer 3 types of ceremony:   

Register Office Ceremony

  • Monday to Friday      

  • Couple, witnesses and up to six guests      

  • Standard declarations & vows      

  • Exchanging of rings (optional)

  • One piece of music       

  • No choice of optional extras        

Catmose Cottage Ceremony

  • Seven days a week  
  • Couple, witnesses and up to 51 guests      

  • Option for being ‘given away’      

  • Bridesmaids, flowergirls, pageboys (optional)      

  • Standard declarations & vows

  • Exchanging of rings (optional)

  • Up to 3 pieces of music (on one CD/playlist)

  • One reading (optional)

Licensed Venue Ceremony

  • Seven days a week

  • Being ‘given away’ (optional)

  • Bridesmaids, flowergirls, pageboys (optional)

  • An elaborate ceremony with a wide choice of words

  • An opportunity to exchange personalised vows with each other after the Statutory Declaratory and Contracting Words

  • Exchanging of rings (optional)

  • Readings of non-religious poetry or prose, presented by yourselves, a member of your party or the registration officer.

  • Live or recorded music (strictly non-religious) played before the ceremony, during the entry, during the signing of the register or schedule and whilst the couple and guests exit the room.

How to book your ceremony

Step 1 – Outline your preferred dates & time

Step 2 – Contact your chosen venue to check their availability

Step 3 – Contact us to check our availability

Step 4 – Confirm date & time with us & your venue

Rutland Register Office take bookings as far in advance as you wish with a £50 non-refundable booking fee.  Confirm your booking by filling in the online form below.

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