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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice and Guidance

During the coronavirus pandemic, Marriages and Civil Partnership Ceremonies cannot be performed.

Ceremonies will resume once social distancing requirements have been relaxed.  Please read the information below for details of the process once normal service resumes.

Bookings cannot be made at the present time.

We offer 3 types of ceremony:   

Register Office Ceremony

  • Monday to Friday      

  • The couple, witnesses and up to six guests      

  • Standard declarations & vows      

  • Exchanging of rings (optional)

  • One piece of music       

  • No choice of optional extras        

Catmose Cottage Ceremony

  • Seven days a week  
  • Couple, witnesses and up to 51 guests      

  • Option for being ‘given away’      

  • Bridesmaids, flowergirls, pageboys (optional)      

  • Standard declarations & vows

  • Exchanging of rings (optional)

  • Up to 3 pieces of music (on one CD/playlist)

  • One reading (optional)

Licensed Venue Ceremony

  • Seven days a week

  • Being ‘given away’ (optional)

  • Bridesmaids, flowergirls, pageboys (optional)

  • An elaborate ceremony with a wide choice of words

  • An opportunity to exchange personalised vows with each other after the Statutory Declaratory and Contracting Words

  • Exchanging of rings (optional)

  • Readings of non-religious poetry or prose, presented by yourselves, a member of your party or the registration officer.

  • Live or recorded music (strictly non-religious) played before the ceremony, during the entry, during the signing of the register or schedule and whilst the couple and guests exit the room.

How to book your ceremony

Step 1 – Outline your preferred dates & time

Step 2 – Contact your chosen venue to check their availability

Step 3 – Contact us to check our availability

Step 4 – Confirm date & time with us & your venue

Rutland Register Office take bookings as far in advance as you wish with a £50 non-refundable booking fee.  Confirm your booking by filling in the online form below.

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