About your ceremony

This is everything that you'll need to know about planning your ceremony. You can also submit ceremony plans for Catmose Cottage and other licensed venues using the forms at the bottom of this page.

Arrival at the venue  

  • You must be interviewed separately by the registration officer just before the ceremony – please allow time for this
  • Make sure that all guests know the ceremony venue address and parking availability
  • Make sure your witnesses/guests arrive on time – registration officers can conduct several ceremonies in one day and if you are late it may mean we have to postpone your ceremony.
  • Allow for local traffic conditions when planning the journey

Before the Ceremony

  • It’s helpful to nominate a responsible person, such as an usher, to look after your guests and make sure your guests are seated where you want them.
  • The registration officer will need to confirm your details and collect any cash fees.       


  • Any readings must be strictly non-religious and will have to be approved by a registration officer before the wedding.

  • There are many civil wedding-related websites which can help with ideas for readings.

Photographs and videos

  • Your guests/witnesses are welcome to take photographs before and after the ceremony.

  • You may also nominate one person to take still photographs, preferably without flash, during the ceremony.

  • At the end of the ceremony, there will be an opportunity for photographs with your witnesses.

  • Many offices and venues have attractive gardens/grounds for some extra photographs.

  • Please indicate on your ceremony plan, if someone is going to film using video equipment and we will be able to show him/her the best place to stand on ceremony day.


  • You must provide two witnesses
  • Witnesses can be family members, friends or even strangers off the street!
  • They should be over the age of 15, be able to understand English and the significance of the ceremony they are witnessing.   


Guests may throw confetti at the Registration Services building, but we ask that they only do so outside the building. This keeps offices tidy for subsequent ceremonies on the same day. You are advised to check the policy on confetti directly with any licensed venue.

Ceremony Plan

Please complete and return your Ceremony Plan at least four weeks before your ceremony:  

Catmose Cottage

Mandatory field

Ceremony Plan - Catmose Cottage
 Yes No
Will you have music on your entrance
Will you have music when you sign the Register
Will you have music on your exit

Licenced Venue Ceremony Plan

Mandatory field

Ceremony Plan - Licensed Venues
Will you be having music when your guests arrive?
Will you be having music on your entrance?
Will you be having music when you sign the register?
Will you be having music on your exit?