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Housing Benefit overpayments

About overpayments

An overpayment happens when you have been given more Housing Benefit than you were entitled to. Most of the time this happens when a change in your circumstances reduces your award from a date in the past. This could be for a number of reasons such as an increase in your income. 

What happens when you are overpaid Housing Benefit

We can recover the overpayment if we weren’t told about a change in your circumstances or there was a delay in processing the change. This means that you have to pay it back. 

We will can recovery overpayments in a number of ways:

  • From your weekly benefit - if you still get Housing Benefit
  • From your landlord - if we have been paying them direct
  • Send you a bill - if you are no longer on benefit. If you get a bill you must pay it in full or contact us to make an arrangement to pay it
  • From another party - we can ask the DWP to take money each week from your benefits or we can ask another council to take money for us from Housing Benefit they are paying you

Look at your bill online

You can view your bill (invoice) online. This is a quick, easy service that lets you see your claim, including details of any rent payments and invoices for overpaid Housing Benefit.

Disagreeing with our decision

If you disagree with our decision about an overpayment, then you can make an appeal, on our appeals and disputes page here.

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Was this information helpful?
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