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Social Media Guidelines

Our social media platforms are intended to be a useful source of information about local services and what’s happening in Rutland.

To make sure they remain fair and open, we have some guidelines that we ask everyone to follow.


You're welcome to join the conversation on social media and share your opinions. However, we reserve the right to remove posts that break certain rules and may block users who repeatedly breach these guidelines.

We ask that you please don’t use out social media platforms to:

  • Post offensive content. Posts that contain foul or abusive language, convey threats or personal attacks, or may be considered libellous or discriminatory will be deleted
  • Advertise products or services
  • Share personal information, such as your email address or telephone number
  • Repeatedly post the same message, or a similar message

Responding to comments

We monitor our social media platforms during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. We do our best to read all comments and will reply where appropriate, but can’t always reply to every message we receive.

If you contact us for help or ask for information we'll try to assist. However, if your request is serious or urgent or we are unable to help on social media, we will ask you to contact our customer service team directly

For your own safety, we can't deal with any requests on social media which require you to give us your personal details.

Please do not rely on our social media profiles to raise concerns, as they are not continuously monitored and may not be the best way to contact us on.

Likes, follows and shares

Like you, we’re careful about who we follow, like and share content from. Please don’t be offended if we don’t like or follow you. We have to be sure that what we share isn’t seen as an endorsement of a particular opinion, organisation or individual.

Where we do follow, like or share content, we do it because it may be of interest or benefit to local residents and customers. This doesn't mean we endorse the person or organisation where the post originated.

Political comment

It is vital that we remain politically neutral on social media at all times, and we will not answer questions of a political nature. 

If you have a political query we would ask that you direct this to your local Councillor. You can find their details on our My Councillors page.

Stay safe online

It’s important to be careful when using social media and to do everything you can to protect yourself online. 

The following websites offer lots of useful advice about how to stay safe on the internet:


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