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Deputy Lieutenants

Deputy Lieutenants are nominated by the Lord-Lieutenant to assist with any duties as required.

Rutland currently has 14 Deputy Lieutenants who represent the Lord-Lieutenant in her absence, including at local ceremonies and official events.

Please see below for details of Rutland's Deputy Lieutenants:

  • Mr Richard Adams DL
  • Mrs Jane Bews DL
  • Colonel Robert Boyle DL
  • Mr Edward Burrows DL
  • Lady Wendy Goldring JP DL 
  • Mrs Jane Clayton-Jones DL
  • Mr Timothy Hart DL
  • Mr Bart Hellyer DL
  • Mrs Kathy Robinson DL
  • Mrs Jeannette Warner BA DL
  • Captain Jamie Weir BSc MBA DL
  • AVM Nigel Sudborough CB OBE DL 

Retired Deputy Lieutenants

The following Deputy Lieutenants are retired:

  • Mrs Elizabeth Bingley
  • Mr Peter Lawson
  • The Countess of Gainsborough LVO DL
  • Air Commodore (Retd) Peter Leonard Gover MBE AFC
  • Mrs Patricia Morley JP
  • Mrs Elizabeth Mills DL
  • Air Commodore (Retd) Andrew Griffin DL AFC RAF


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