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About the Rutland Lieutenancy

The Lord-Lieutenant is the Queen’s personal representative in Rutland and has a number of important duties.

Duties include escorting members of the Royal family visiting Rutland, presenting medals and awards and participating in civic, voluntary and social ceremonies.    

The Lord-Lieutenant appoints a number of Deputy Lieutenants to assist him with these duties. 

The Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants are collectively referred to as the Lieutenancy.

Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland

Dr Sarah Furness

Dr Sarah Furness is Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland. She was appointed on 14 February 2018, having previously served as the County's High Sheriff from 2016 to 2017.

Dr Furness is a trustee of the Sustainable Land Trust, an organisation looking after the environment and turning around the lives of troubled teenagers. 

She is also a governor of Uppingham Community College and a trustee of Rutland Grants, which provides help to those in Rutland who are ill or poor and in need.

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The Lieutenancy Office

The office of the Lord-Lieutenant for a County or Counties dates back to 1547 when the military functions of the Sheriff were transferred to the Lieutenancy. 

To this day the Lord-Lieutenant retains a link with the armed forces, serving as Vice President of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association (RFCA).

Many of the Lord-Lieutenant’s official duties are ceremonial in nature. However, the Lord Lieutenant attends many social occasions in support of the local community, civic, business and cultural life in Rutland.

Mr Kenneth Bool is the Clerk to the Lieutenancy. For further information or advice regarding the Lieutenancy, please contact:

Kate Haworth, Deputy Clerk to the Lieutenancy

Rutland County Council 
Rutland, LE15 6HP

Tel: 01572 758 203

Email: KHaworth@rutland.gov.uk

Invitations to the Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland can be sent via this office.

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