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Remember to check your voter details

Date Published: 11 September 2017
Rutland County Council

Local residents are being reminded to check that their personal details appear correctly on the electoral register.

Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) were sent to every home in Rutland last month as part of the County’s Annual Canvass of Electors. The aim is to make sure the electoral register is up-to-date for all households and anyone not registered is able to join.

So far, almost 55% of households have replied to the canvass, with reminder notices due to be issued to any non-responders after 18 September.

“Anyone who wants to vote in future elections must be on the electoral register. We’ve had a good response to the canvass so far and there is still time to complete and return your form if you haven’t done so already. If you receive a reminder, and you haven’t yet responded, please don’t ignore it. Check the information in the letter and get back to us as soon as possible to confirm your details are correct. If they’re not, you may not be eligible to vote.”Helen Briggs, the Electoral Registration Officer for Rutland

You can respond to the Canvass by text message, calling the freephone number on the reminder notice or by going online

If all of the details for the household are correct residents can confirm this by using one of the methods detailed above – texting or phoning are the most effective and least costly to the Council. If any details are incorrect, for example someone is no longer resident, please follow the instructions in the letter to update this.

If it is confirmed that there are no changes, no further correspondence will be sent as part of the canvass. Non-responding properties may receive further reminders or be visited by a canvasser.

Further details about the Annual Canvass, the electoral register or registering to vote are available on the Council website. You can also contact Rutland County Council’s Elections Team on: 01572 720 954.

If you receive a reminder but are confident you have already responded to the Household Enquiry, please disregard the letter as this is likely to have been caused by an overlap and the time taken to process responses once they are received.

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Was this information helpful?