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Taste it, don't waste it!

Date Published: 28 January 2021
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Rutland Youth Council aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce household food waste and help Rutlanders take action and help families save money.

Starting in February, five Rutland families will take part in food waste reduction activities, testing everyday practical tips and techniques that will reduce levels of food wastage and also save them money.  Their experiences will be documented on video and shared on social media.

Wasting food is damaging both to the environment and people’s pockets. Which is why the Rutland Youth Council (RYC) have chosen household food waste as the focus of their community campaign in 2021.

The young people will be running a programme of awareness raising events through 2021, and they have recruited five families to join in and learn how to reduce their food waste and save money. For a few weeks, they will follow suggestions of how not to waste food and the RYC team will collect information about how they got on. The families will record their experiences on video and share them on social media so that everyone can see what they learned and how they got on.

Anyone can join in the campaign by contributing to the RYC survey which aims to understand how residents of Rutland handle their food waste. Scan the QR code to complete the survey now or visit the RYC Food Waste Survey

Follow the campaign from February to April to get tips and techniques of practical things you can do to reduce your wasted food and your shopping bill. You can find us at @Rutlandyouthcouncil on Instagram, @YouthRutland on Twitter and on Facebook as Rutland Youth Council.  

The RYC campaign aims to help Rutland’s families learn about how to reduce their food waste and shopping bills. For example: the most common products thrown away are milk, bread, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and poultry - which for the average Rutland family is worth around £700 per year or almost £14 a week. By making small practical changes such as buying fewer groceries, storing them correctly and utilising leftovers sufficiently, local families can save both their money and reduce the environmental impact of growing food only to throw it away.

The RYC are not alone in recognising the importance of reducing food waste. The first Food Waste Action Week is 1st to 7 March 2021, and Rutland’s young people will be doing their best to join in and deliver one clear message: Wasting food and climate change are linked. Now is the time for us to take action!

“I am delighted to hear of the RYC’s work on this: wasting food is something that we can all do something about with benefits not just for the environment but also on our pockets!”Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Rutland County Council Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure

“RYC consider the climate emergency as the defining issue of our lifetimes. Our 'Taste It, Don’t Waste It!' campaign is relevant to all households. By recording and promoting the experiences of the families involved, we aim to inspire the population of Rutland to take their own steps towards embedding simple techniques into their everyday routines and wasting less food. We firmly believe that small changes can bring high rewards if we all work together.”Heather Kelly, Chair of Rutland Youth Council 

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