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Remembering Captain Sir Tom Moore

Date Published: 02 February 2021
Rutland County Council

Council Leader Oliver Hemsley has shared a personal message of condolence following the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Like so many people across the country, I was deeply saddened to learn that Captain Sir Tom Moore has passed away. 

Through his kindness, generosity and boundless determination, Sir Tom succeeded in raising millions of pounds for the NHS. Perhaps more importantly, he gave us all hope and a reason to smile.

His unwavering positivity and selflessness in the face of this pandemic, having already dedicated so much of his life in service to our Armed Forces, is an inspiration to everyone. 

His legacy is a permanent reminder to all of us – young and old – that we can achieve great things when we put others first and refuse to give up.

The thoughts of everyone at Rutland County Council are with Sir Tom’s family, and our sincerest condolences go out to them.

Oliver Hemsley
Leader of Rutland County Council

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