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Save a packet and help the environment at Rutland County Museum

Date Published: 29 October 2019
Rutland County Museum

Snack lovers can now help to support one of Rutland’s most popular heritage sites by recycling their empty crisp packets at Rutland County Museum. 

This is all thanks to a new scheme being supported by Rutland County Council, in tandem with recycling specialist TerraCycle.

As part of the scheme, anyone can now take their empty crisp packets to the special drop-off point at Rutland County Museum, where the waste will be sent to TerraCycle for recycling. 

For every five kilograms of crisp packets sent to TerraCycle, the Museum will earn credits that can be redeemed as a donation to local charity Friends of Rutland County Museum & Oakham Castle.

Friends of Rutland County Museum & Oakham Castle helps to raise funds for the purchase of new exhibits and artefacts at the Museum. The charity also supports activities and development at the Museum, as well as promoting its services to residents and visitors.

Any brand of crisp packet is accepted, as well as crisp multipack outer packaging. All packets must be unfolded and completely empty. Popcorn packets, crisp tubes or pretzel and meat snack bags cannot currently be accepted as part of the scheme.

Crisps are one of the UK’s most popular snacks and more than six billion packets are eaten each year. The packets are made from metallised plastic film, which is not widely recycled and cannot be put in Rutland’s grey household recycling bins. 

TerraCycle specialises in recycling crisp packets and other hard-to-recycle waste. This includes running a number of nationwide recycling schemes aimed at reducing landfill and pollution.

“Every year, countless crisp packets are thrown away, as well as ending up in hedgerows, rivers and oceans. The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme means you can now recycle your crisp packets and drastically reduce a big source of pollution. Not only will you be helping the environment but the waste you recycle will support Rutland County Museum. While you drop your crisp packets off, we’d encourage you to take a look around the Museum and discover some of the fantastic displays and exhibitions we currently have running.”
Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure

The Museum is open from 10.00am until 4.00pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with the crisp packet drop-off point located towards the rear the riding school building.

For more information, visit the Rutland County Museum website, email: museum@rutland.gov.uk or call: 01572 758 440.

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