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Rutland County Council number one for adult social care

Date Published: 26 February 2020
Adult social care

Rutland County Council has, today, been named the highest performing council in the country for Adult Social Care. 

The data for 149 English Councils was compiled by the IMPOWER INDEX and shows that Rutland is achieving greater than average outcomes in Adult Social Care, from a less than average spend per head. 

This means that users of Adult Social Care services in Rutland are getting better outcomes at the same time as the council is making best use of public funds.  

“We are delighted at being named top for Adult Social Care in England. The data shows that we are, by far, outperforming other councils for high outcomes and low spend, and as such may be regarded as a sector leader. Our Adult Social Care Services provide a host of support for adults in the county, including providing life-long support for someone with a physical or learning disability to live independently, supporting someone who has been in hospital to return to their home, through to helping people how are living with dementia, and their families.” 
Councillor Alan Waters, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health

Adult Social Care is an important service area for Rutland County Council as the population continues to age. This year the Council has budgeted £12.75m to supporting the county’s adult population. 

“Our dedicated team focus on the needs of each individual to ensure they have the very best outcomes, and this shows in the performance rating and the efficient use of budgets in realising these. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our teams across the Council for their hard work and dedication which has enabled us to gain such a position.”
Councillor Alan Walters

“I am delighted that the tireless work and dedication of Rutland County Council has been recognised.  This rating is especially impressive because the rurality of our county is not taken into consideration in central government funding, a cause I remain dedicated to championing.”
Alicia Kearns, Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton

Don and Mary's story

"My wife, Mary, was diagnosed with a heart condition a few years ago and over time her mobility has gradually decreased. I have tried to keep life as normal as possible for her, but she was unable to climb the stairs any longer. So, I set up our living room as a bedroom for her as it was the only place in the house big enough to accommodate her hospital bed. She is my wife and I didn’t want to leave her side, so I have been sleeping on the sofa so I could be there for her, should she need me in the night. It wasn’t the most comfortable of arrangements, but it was the right thing to do. A few months back, I became unwell and had to call for an ambulance. After they visited me, they contacted Rutland County Council’s Adults Social Care Team who came out to assess my wife and me, and see what could be done to help us. The team were really lovely and have worked with us to ensure we can keep safe and well, and above all in our own home for as long as possible. They have putting in place some really practical solutions and have listened to what we have to say. They said that the sleeping arrangements we had were not ideal and, rather than telling me what to do, have given me the option to have a bed of my own in the living room, so I can still be with Mary, but also have a more comfortable night’s sleep. The team are still working with us, helping me keep well so I can continue to care for Mary as long as possible. I am really pleased with the help I have received and to know that someone cares."
As told by Don

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