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Local Plan Sites and HIF Funding to be Scrutinised

Date Published: 13 December 2019

Members of Rutland County Council’s Growth, Infrastructure and Resources Scrutiny Committee are meeting on Thursday 19th December to review proposals being made to Rutland’s Local Plan. 

The Committee will review recommendations relating to the scale of development for the county, in terms of both housing and employment land. They will also consider whether a garden community is an option for Rutland, and if so which if the two proposals, Woolfox or St. George’s, is the most appropriate. 

Council officers have undertaken a thorough review of all evidence relating to scale and distribution of development up to 2036 and have recommended:

  1. The Local Plan makes provision for 160 houses per annum, with a minimum requirement of 130 and 25 hectares of employment land 
  2. A Garden Community would support Rutland in achieving housing and employment targets 
  3. The Woolfox Garden Community is not currently deliverable because of insufficient evidence relating to minerals on site, highway provision and concerns relating to its impact on sensitive landscape, it is also not viable
  4. With the granting of Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) funding, St. George’s Garden Community is both viable and suitable for redevelopment under the new Local Plan. 

Following the Growth, Infrastructure and Resources Scrutiny Committee meeting on Thursday 19th December, Rutland County Council Cabinet will be discussing whether they agree with the recommendations on Monday 23rd December 2019 at 6pm and if they should be included in the spatial strategy for consideration by Rutland County Council’s Full Council in early 2020.

Under an exempt item, owing to its commercial sensitivity, the committee will also be reviewing the terms and conditions of the £29.4million Housing Infrastructure Funding (HIF) that has been awarded to Rutland County Council to support the proposed redevelopment of St. George’s Barracks.

The agenda and reports for Scrutiny on Thursday 19 December can be viewed on our Meetings page.

Although the meeting agenda has been structured to ensure maximum public attendance for the majority of the meeting, public attendees are advised that they will be asked to leave for exempt items. 

As part of Rutland County Council’s commitment to the environment, public attendees are encouraged to download or bring their own copies of reports.

Rutland County Council will also be providing a live video stream covering all non-exempt items at listed meetings relating to the Local Plan Review. 

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