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Help us to keep footpaths clear

Date Published: 09 September 2020

Rutland County Council is asking residents for their help to maintain local footpaths and ensure they are clear of overgrown vegetation by reporting any issues via the online platform FixMyStreet. 

The Council is responsible for maintaining access along Rutland’s network of walkways, including public rights of way. This involves cutting back some hedges and trees when they encroach onto paths. 

In some cases, landowners and farmers are responsible for maintaining hedges. Trees and bushes that overhang footpaths from private properties are the responsibility of the property owner.

“Overgrown vegetation can become a problem if it’s not managed. When footways become obstructed this can prevent ease of use and force pedestrians onto verges or even roads. If you spot any issues with footpaths in your area, please report them to us via FixMyStreet, so that we can determine who needs to take action. We’re also asking residents to make sure their own hedges are not encroaching onto the street. Keeping our paths clear of obstructions is something that can have a real impact on our everyday lives and we thank you for your support.”
Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Highways

To report an issue about footpaths in Rutland, please visit the FixMyStreet website or  download the FixMyStreet mobile app.

If you have received a letter regarding a report of overgrown vegetation on your property and would like to find out what to do next, please get in touch with the appropriate highways officer, whose contact details will be included in the correspondence.

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