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Further investment in Oakham Enterprise Park site

Date Published: 04 September 2020
Oakham Enterprise Park main entrance

Rutland County Council is to make further investment into Oakham Enterprise Park (OEP) in order to improve site access for business tenants and visitors.

The Council’s Cabinet met last month to consider a number of infrastructure changes at OEP, including the mothballing of a now-disused unit and new fencing to screen an area of the site where further development is still pending.

The most substantive change to be given the go-ahead by Cabinet was the creation of a new entrance road and footpath, together with a new mini roundabout inside the Park, to help manage traffic.

Formerly HMP Ashwell, Oakham Enterprise Park is served by two main access gates, two secondary gates and a further emergency access gate, all of which are designed specifically for prison use.

Following consultation with its business tenants based at OEP, the Council is now looking to replace the site’s main access gate so that it is better suited to accommodate the current mix of light commercial traffic and people on foot.

“Oakham Enterprise Park has served Rutland’s local business community for a number of years. Since the site was purchased from the Ministry of Justice in 2013, it’s become home to some 100 commercial units, an adult learning centre and a community sports facility. It’s important that we continue to invest in OEP because it provides vital space for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to infrastructure improvements, like a new access road and footpath, we’re also developing a new long-term strategy for the site, so that we can carry on building for the future.”
Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council and Cabinet Member for Economic Development

The cost of providing a new entrance facility with supplementary mini roundabout at Oakham Enterprise Park is estimated to be £68,000 and will be funded from Capital Receipts. 

The Council is awaiting confirmation for commencement of the works.

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