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Final consultation on Rutland Local Plan now live

Date Published: 27 August 2020

The final public consultation to take place around Rutland’s draft Local Plan is now live.

The Local Plan sets out planning policies for the Rutland area, as well as listing sites for additional housing, employment or other development for the period 2018 to 2036.

This consultation, known as a Regulation 19 Consultation, will give residents, businesses and other stakeholders the opportunity to comment whether the Local Plan meets the ‘Test of Soundness’ – whether the Plan is sound and has been prepared in accordance with all necessary legal and procedural requirements and is positively prepared, effective and is justified by the evidence.

Regulation 19 consultation on Rutland’s pre-submission local plan takes place over six weeks from Thursday 27 August to Friday 9 October 2020. During this time, the Local Plan and supporting documents are available to view on our Local Plan Review page. This includes videos explaining the background to the Local Plan and how to take part in the consultation, plus a further link to an online form where residents can now submit their responses directly to the Council.

For anyone who is unable to access the consultation online, paper copies of the Local Plan documents will also be made available to view by appointment only at the Council’s main Catmose office in Oakham. 

A booking system will be in place to manage these appointments, taking account of the time needed to clean the viewing room between bookings. 

Rutland County Council is also working with local Town and Parish Councils so they can provide access to the documents for those without internet access.

Appointments to view the Local Plan can be made by calling Rutland County Council on: 01572 722 577.

Other than pre-booked appointments to view the Local Plan, Rutland County Council’s main building and customer service desk remain closed to maintain the safety of the public and council staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

Once the Regulation 19 consultation ends, responses will be compiled with the Local Plan and its supporting documentation before being submitted for independent examination by the Planning Inspectorate. 

If the Local Plan is found to be sound, it will be presented to Rutland County Council’s Full Council for adoption.

Take part in the Consultation

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