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Council “Delivering good quality services with high performance levels.”

Date Published: 02 March 2020
Jules House

Peers from the Local Government Association have found Rutland County Council to be “delivering good quality services with high performance levels”, “a welcoming organisation with strong and maturing organisational leadership” and “financial stability.”

The feedback is published in a report that summarises a Local Government Association “Peer Challenge” review of the Council’s operations, which took place in November 2019. 

Peer Challenges are recognised improvement tools used by local authorities to identify their strengths and improvement areas. 

The report also identifies that the Council is “well respected by local and sub-regional partners and has influence beyond its administrative and physical footprint. The Peer Team also felt that “the time is right to build this confidence and exploit opportunities... for more collaborative working” and have recommended the Council seeks to establish ways to work with the local community to co-design and co-produce solutions to future challenges.

Rutland County Council Leader, Councillor Oliver Hemsley, invited the Peer Challenge Team to assess what life is like in Rutland.

“We are delighted with the findings of the Peer Team who, over the course of four days, met with more than 100 people – elected members, staff, partners and residents – to gain their views and insight. We are pleased the Peer Team recognised the passion and dedication of our staff and the innovation that has evolved to respond to the pressures and challenges our county and resident’s face. Rutland continues to evolve and I am encouraged by the prospect of working with our communities to develop solutions together to respond to future challenges. My first step is to speak to our residents to find out how we approach this together. In the coming weeks I intend to meet with residents to gain their thoughts and views. This feedback will then inform the Council’s communications and engagement approach and how we develop a 50 year vision for the county together.”
Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

To find out more and to read the full Peer Challenge report visit our Peer Challenge page.

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