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Community radio project launches listener survey

Date Published: 09 October 2020
Radio studio

The project looking at whether it is feasible to set up a community radio station in Rutland has launched an online survey to gather views and ideas from local people.

The project was announced in August, following a rebranding of the county’s existing local radio station. 

As part of ongoing work to see if an independent community-led radio station could be set up and sustained locally, the project has launched a survey to capture the views and suggestions of potential listeners.

The short online questionnaire takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Complete the Listener Survey

There is also a survey for businesses who may be interested in advertising via community radio, in the future.

Complete the Business Survey

“The project is still at a really early stage but, if we want to end up with a community radio station for Rutland, the first thing we need to do is find out what our communities would like to hear. If people already listen to the radio, we want to know more about when and how they listen. We want to understand why they value radio and what kind of things they want as part of any regular programming. There’s even a question about what name people might like for a new station. We also really want to hear from people who don’t listen to the radio, to understand why. This is all important if we’re going to be successful in shaping a community radio station that offers local people what they want and need.”
Rob Persani, Rutland Community Radio Project Manager

The Rutland Community Radio Project survey is now live and will run until Friday 30 October 2020. 

The project will shortly be looking for people to join an advisory board, as well as local listeners to help select the board itself. 

“We’ll soon be looking to set up an advisory board to steer the Rutland Community Radio project. To help us do this, we’re looking for two radio listeners who live in the county and can commit some time to the selection process. To apply, simply email: radio@rutland.gov.uk with your details and tell us, in less than 100 words, what criteria you’d use to select people to help guide this exciting new project.” 
Rob Persani

The closing date for expressions of interest from people who would like to help select the Radio Project’s advisory board is Friday 16 October 2020. 

The two listeners will then sit on the interview panel for the board selection with Rutland County Council’s Chief Executive, Mark Andrews, and the Community Radio Project Manager.

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