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Change to helpline operating hours

Date Published: 02 June 2020
Crisis helpline

Rutland County Council has updated the operating hours for its COVID-19 crisis helpline service, which is now contactable between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The helpline was launched in April for people who have been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) and have no one to support them.

This includes people who are ‘shielding’ and have concerns about their access to food and medicine, or they are feeling isolated and require support.

The helpline is also available for people who do not meet the government’s criteria for ‘extremely vulnerable’ but still require immediate assistance. The number to call for help is: 01572 729 603.

The Crisis Helpline has been contactable between 9am and 8pm, Monday to Friday since it first launched. The service has now changed to reflect the Council’s normal operating hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

“With the government taking steps to ease the UK’s COVID-19 restrictions, we are making some changes to our crisis helpline service so that operations reflect the current risk level and lower demand. However, we are still here to help and the crisis line service remains contactable from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for anyone who needs advice or support because of COVID-19. We will also be keeping this decision under review and could increase the service again, if needed.”
Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council continues to operate a 24-7 lifeline number in case of emergencies. This emergency out-of-hours service is provided by Harborough Lifeline and can be contacted by calling: 01858 464 499.

You can also contact Rutland County Council by emailing: enquiries@rutland.gov.uk

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