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Call to remember the basics ahead of bank holiday

Date Published: 28 August 2020

Residents are being urged to play their part this bank holiday, to ensure Rutland’s Covid-19 figures remain low.

Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, Rutland County Council’s director of public health, Mike Sandys, is calling on people: “whether they are in the pub, the park or their home” to remember the basics and put social distancing top of their list."

Although latest figures show that rates in Rutland remains just below the national average, at 10 per 100,000 people (the national average is 10.9 per 100,000), the county will only keep them at this rate, or below, by observing the guidelines to control the virus.

“We have all played our part in Rutland and this has helped us to keep figures low, but we need to ensure we are not complacent. Many of our neighbouring authorities are seeing their virus rates increase, and it is important that we continue to work hard to ensure we are still able to enjoy doing the things we love again, without additional restrictions a local lockdown would possibly impose.
If you are meeting up with friends in the park, make sure you keep two metres apart and if you are visiting the pub, follow the guidance on socialising. If you are entering a shop – wear a mask and respect social distancing, even if someone else is in the way of what you want. If people are coming round to your house, stick to the rules and if you are travelling to work, adopt the same habits you would whilst you’re in work.
This may sound simple, but the key to keeping this under controls really is in all of our hands. And it still lies in maintaining social distancing, good hand hygiene and wearing face coverings where you need to.”

Mike Sandys, Director of Public Health

“Although our numbers are relatively small, Rutland is by no means immune to this virus.
113 of our residents have been diagnosed with Covid through official testing and sadly, 13 people have died.
We need to continue to consider how we protect ourselves and our neighbours in all we do. We all have a role to play and I would urge you to think about what you can do this weekend and going forward that we continue to keep each other safe.”
Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

People are urged to follow the guidance below:

  • If you have a high temperature, a new continuous cough or loss of smell/taste, book a test
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces, including public transport unless you have a good reason not to
  • If you are meeting up with friends, keep two metres apart
  • If you are contacted by test and trace, you must isolate for 14 days
  • Avoid car sharing, if possible 
  • Read the guidance to find out who you can meet with indoors and outdoors
  • Read the Government guidance at: www.gov.uk/coronavirus 

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Was this information helpful?
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