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747 bus receives further support from councils

Date Published: 17 December 2019
Bus Station

Rutland County Council and Leicestershire County Council have announced the continuation of funding to support the 747 bus service.

The 747 bus service, which runs from Leicester to Uppingham, has had its contract extended until 4th January 2021 after the two councils agreed a joint funding agreement with Centrebus. 

The move follows the careful assessment of current bus usage as both councils review the bus services they support in a bid to deliver value-for-money services. 

“We recognise that the 747 is essential for many people who travel between Uppingham and Leicester so we have agreed to extra funding to support this valuable service. We will continue to work closely with local communities, Leicestershire County Council and Centrebus to try and encourage greater use of the service and ensure its future sustainability.” 
Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Transport at Rutland County Council

“We have been carefully reviewing all the bus services which we support, in line with our Passenger Transport Policy and Strategy to ensure that we are providing fit for purpose and cost effective services. I am pleased that we have worked alongside Rutland County Council to continue to support the service to these communities for the foreseeable future.”
Blake Pain, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport at Leicestershire County Council

The two councils originally agreed to continue the service in January 2017, after Centrebus announced the 747 was no longer cost-effective to run on a commercial basis.

The 747 bus service runs from Leicester through Thurnby, Bushby, Houghton on the Hill, Billesdon, Skeffington, Tugby, East Norton, Belton in Rutland, to Uppingham.

For more information about local bus services in Rutland please visit our Transport page

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