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£29.4m bid to support Rutland’s future infrastructure successful

Date Published: 01 November 2019
Evolving Masterplan 2019

Rutland is set to receive £29.4m investment into infrastructure to support the proposed redevelopment of St. George’s Barracks at North Luffenham, after the Chancellor Sajid Javid today (1st November 2019) announced that Rutland County Council’s application to the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) has been successful. 

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) introduced the HIF’s £5billion of funding to support its ambition to diversify the housing market and build more than 1.5million homes by 2022 by ensuring the right infrastructure is in place at the right time. 

Rutland County Council submitted its application, based on the latest Evolving Masterplan for St. George’s, in February 2019. The successful bid now means essential infrastructure works could be brought about in advance of the site’s redevelopment – ensuring appropriate and timely investment in infrastructure and local public services, including upgraded roads and junctions, new healthcare facilities and public transport.

A report noting the award of the successful HIF bid will be presented at Rutland County Council’s next Cabinet meeting on 19 November. A decision on whether to accept the funding will be made by Full Council at a date to be confirmed and following December’s general election.

The site will also need to go through a number of key stages before the funding is implemented, including being recommended as a preferred site in Rutland’s Local Plan and the approval of a planning application.  

"This is exciting news for Rutland. We have consulted widely as part of our Local Plan process and to inform the Evolving Masterplan for St. George’s Barracks. Both consultations found that residents felt strongly about having the right infrastructure in place in advance of homes, which is why we have applied for this money and worked hard to secure it. This funding now means, any future redevelopment of St. George’s Barracks will be now be undertaken with the appropriate infrastructure in place. This Forward Funding is an innovative way to fund infrastructure and will ensure ‘Infrastructure First’, thus not relying a more traditional process of building houses first or depending on a certain number of houses being brought forward before roads can be upgraded, junctions improved and community facilities are put in place. The award of this funding, I believe, shows the confidence government has in Rutland to not only deliver on its housing targets, but provide homes and jobs for people to build and live their lives in the county. It also enables Rutland to put in place infrastructure in a more sustainable way. This would not be possible through in-fill development, which would also have a detrimental impact on the unique nature of our villages.”
Councillor Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council

St. George’s Barracks is due to close in 2021/22, which has led to proposals for a new Garden Community that would include up to 2,215 new houses and a further 30 possible houses on the current school site that will provided homes that young people can afford, space for new businesses, a new primary school, healthcare facilities and a country park.

This is the second funding award made to Rutland County Council to support the proposed future redevelopment of St. George’s Barracks in 2019.

In June, Rutland County Council was told it had been successful with its application to join the Garden Communities Programme and awarded £150k to help design and layout proposals that include the creation of innovative new dementia friendly neighbourhoods as part of St. George’s Barracks’ future redevelopment.

“This is excellent news for Rutland. Growth is inevitable and with growth comes concerns that the infrastructure will not be in place to support it. This funding means that Rutland can guarantee the right infrastructure and ensure the appropriate provision of facilities and amenities for all Rutland residents.” 
Sir Alan Duncan, Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton

For more information about St. George’s and to view the latest Evolving Masterplan for the site please visit the St. George's Rutland website.

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