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Rutland Signs Up To Citizens Advice Council Tax Promise

Date Published: 17 May 2019
Financial support

Rutland County Council has joined local authorities across the UK by pledging its continued support to help people who may be struggling to keep up with Council Tax bills. 

The Council announced this week that it has signed up to Citizens Advice’s Council Tax Collection Protocol, which aims to prevent people struggling with bill payments from falling further into debt. 

By supporting the new guidance, Rutland County Council has reinforced its commitment to work with people as soon as they start falling behind on their Council Tax, and support them to address any arrears. 

This approach can help to stop people reaching ‘crisis point’, such as the threat of homelessness or unmanageable debt. As well as being harmful to individuals and families, these problems can also put a strain on funding for public services. 

“Rutland County Council supporting our Council Tax Protocol is good news for people who fall behind on their Council Tax. By helping people set up realistic repayment plans councils can help to ease pressure on families and make it more likely that outstanding debts are repaid. This guidance could help people in our area who are struggling with their finances and stop them from facing even more serious problems. We’ve worked in partnership with councils to develop these principles around Council Tax collection, which we hope will help families who are struggling to make ends meet, while enabling local authorities to collect what they need to fund vital services.”
Simon Mutsaars, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Rutland

“We have dedicated support staff who are here to help if you’re struggling to pay your Council Tax bill. We need to collect Council Tax so that we can fund important local services like adults’ and children’s social care. However, we also know some people struggle to pay bills and we want to help these households. We don’t want to send reminders or add to any problems that families may be going through so please tell us if you’re having trouble. The sooner you get in touch the more we can do to help.”
Gordon Brown, Cabinet Member for Finance at Rutland County Council

Further information about the support available to people in Rutland can be found on our Council Tax Support page, or on the Citizens Advice Rutland website

You can contact Rutland’s Revenues and Benefits Team by calling: 01572 722 577. You can also email: localtaxation@rutland.gov.uk regarding Council Tax or: benefits@rutland.gov.uk reading Housing Benefits.

You can contact Citizens Advice Rutland by calling: 01572 723494

“People need to know that it’s OK to ask for help. We have specialist staff and services that can offer support, make life easier and help to resolve problems altogether. Don’t wait. Get in touch with us now.”
Councillor Gordon Brown

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