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Rutland Ready for Winter

28 November 2019
Grit lorry

Rutland County Council’s Highways Team are gearing up for winter and advising residents to do the same as the weather turns colder.

Rutland is fully prepared for winter following the extreme cold weather last year, which saw prolonged periods of freezing temperatures and snow across the County.

Rutland’s fleet of gritters and ploughs have been fully serviced and salt supplies replenished. The Council’s main depot at Ashwell currently holds 4,000 tonnes of salt which will be used to treat freezing roads in the weeks and months ahead.

The Council is monitoring weather forecasts closely for advanced warning of freezing temperatures, with gritters now on standby to treat priority routes such as major A and B roads and access routes into villages.

As well as gritting the roads, Rutland County Council also treats the main footways in town centres, car parks and routes to GP surgeries and schools when snow is forecast.

“Winter can be a real challenge, particularly when extreme cold weather hits. At best, winter weather can be an inconvenience by disrupting our normal routines. At worst, serve winter weather can be a health risk and even poses a threat to life. After months of preparations, we’re ready for winter and will be working hard to limit any disruption to local services.“We can’t grit all roads because we need to focus our efforts on keeping priority routes clear. We also provide community salt bins in every village, as well as training for Volunteer Snow Wardens and would encourage people to take advantage of both.”
Chris Traill, Strategic Director for Places at Rutland County Council

Rutland has around 240 community salt bins in towns and villages across Rutland. The County Council relies on Parish Councils to let them know when salt bins are running low so that they can be refilled. However, salt in these bins is for public highways only and not for driveways or private accesses.

“It’s important to stay warm and well throughout winter and to look after friends and family members who may struggle if the weather gets really cold. Check-in with them regularly to make sure they’re warm enough, especially at night, and have stocks of food and medicines so they don't need to go out during very cold weather. We’re here to help if you’re worried about a relative or elderly neighbour so contact us straight away with any concerns.” 
Chris Traill

To report any concerns about an adult in Rutland, please contact the Council straight away by calling: 01572 758 341.

Further information about the Council’s winter services, including information about gritting routes and safety advice, visit our Winter Services page.

Winter facts

  • Rutland County Council’s gritters treat more than 180 miles of roads in under four hours when freezing temperatures are forecast
  • Rutland’s priority gritting routes include all major A and B roads around the county, as well as access routes into villages
  • The County’s Ashwell gritting depot holds around 4,000 tonnes of at the start of winter – roughly 25% more than the total amount used in any of the last 10 winters
  • The number of community salt bins in Rutland increased from 160 in 2011 to almost 240 last year
  • Rutland County Council Care Workers are on standby around the clock to provide crisis care for vulnerable adults, whatever the weather
  • During the worst of the winter weather in March 2018, Rutland County Council’s gritters covered 5,400 miles and used 834 tonnes of salt on roads, footpaths, and re-stocking grit bins.