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Response to Government Spending Review

Date Published: 17 September 2019
Budget 2019-20

The 2019 Spending Round was announced by the Chancellor in September and many residents will have seen the headlines which indicate more funding for local government, schools and police.   

As Rutland County Council continues its budget preparations for 2020/21 (a budget it will set in February 2020), it has been looking at what the Spending Round might mean for Rutland.

“After years of lobbying and Government funding reductions (Rutland has seen its core funding reduce by 46% since 2015/16), Rutland County Council is pleased to note this Spending Round brings with it no further cuts and we welcome any announcement of additional funding.  We are pleased that the Government recognises that extra funding is needed if we are to keep providing high quality services to all residents and if we are to continue to support vulnerable people in our community.   Working with Schools, we know the pressure they have been under so more funding for education is also welcome.”
Councillor Gordon Brown, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance

Whilst the headlines make for good reading, Rutland County Council remains cautious.

 “It is important that residents understand that we are yet to receive detailed funding allocations, so it is too early to assess the full impact for Rutland. However, what is absolutely clear is that the latest Spending Round does not reverse the cuts in funding we have experienced over the last few years, nor does it address the inequality in local government funding – something we are lobbying hard for as part of our work with other rural Councils through the Britain’s Leading Edge campaign. Rutland receives £117 less funding per head than other unitary councils and our residents pay more in Council tax than other authorities who spend more per head than we do.  Nothing we have heard is likely to change this and therefore we will continue to lobby for a fair deal for Rutland.”
Councillor Gordon Brown

Rutland County Council is continuing with its budget preparations and aims to publish a draft budget in December for consultation. 

“It is a key priority for the Council to not only protect but improve local services, and we hope that the Spending Round will help us do this for 20/21.  Beyond 20/21 the Government has delayed the longer-term reforms, including business rates retention and fairer funding (Review of Relative Needs and Resources), that are underway.  This is regrettable as a lack of certainty around future funding does make decisions about services difficult but the Council will deal with this as it always has.”
Councillor Gordon Brown

For further information about the Spending Round please visit the website for HM Treasury.

For more information about Council Tax and the Council’s financial health, including a detailed FAQ, please visit our Budget page.

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